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Advanced Systems Limited is a distributor for cash handling equipment manufacturers, such as Semacon. Bill counters and currency discriminators offer easy front load operation delivering high speed accurate counting as well as counterfeit detection.

Cash handling equipment is perfect for use in high-volume environments such as banks, credit unions, large retailers, and casinos where mixed bill sorting and/or value counting is required. Contact us today for your cash-handling needs!

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Advanced Systems Limited offers a wide variety of security and technology services to our clients. We specialize in integrating today’s new technologies with your business needs.

We provide consulting, sales, installation, and service of Access Control Systems, Burglar Alarm Systems, CCTV Systems, Digital Recording, Intercoms, Banking Equipment, Safes, ATM’s, Certified Network Cabling and much more. We also offer local UL Alarm Monitoring at prices you can respect. No more calling an out of state company that doesn’t even know what state you're calling from.

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