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Airports, Nuclear Facilities, Military Bases, Courthouses, Industrial Complexes, Capital Buildings, Strategic Assets, Schools and Financial Institutions have all been victimized by terrorist, domestic and abroad long before 9-11. Isotec Security combats and prevents acts of terrorism with automated security that functions independently or as part of an integrated security solution. Weapons, access and material control provide security forces with threat assessment and containment, and remote or “eyes on” command and control, with 100% objective security. Let there be no doubt, Isotec Security systems and technologies protect the most secure facilities on the planet. There are many other options that can be added to enhance the security for better protection especially to banks and other confidential organizations.

Isotec Security incorporates specifically engineered ballistic or blast resistant security structures with interlocking doors, metal detectors, X-ray, SNM detectors, motion sensors, video analytics, credential and personal positive identification devices and anti-tailgating (ATG) for comprehensive 24/7 automated security. By developing customized control algorithms and an early adopter of Touch screen graphical user interface (GUI), Isotec Security leads in the use of the latest innovations to build the most sophisticated, cost effective security solutions on the market today. Isotec Security provides unsurpassed integrated security technologies for the deterrence, detection and protection against domestic and foreign acts of terrorism. The system contains video surveillance through which the area can be monitored and it also keeps the record of every act that can be retrieved on the time of need.

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