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Advanced Systems Limited is committed to bringing you a consistent high level of service and security. Our security systems designs, installations and support are reliable and trusted by all types of organizations. These types of systems can be used locally or remotely-providing 24 hour security at your fingertips.  Our company provides continuous up to date security technologies and banking equipment services. This provides the reliable access and trust worthy protection to the users. Advanced Systems Limited provides all around the clock security monitoring and unmatched protection and quality. The closed circuits are designed according to the proper security system design which includes alarm security, DVR installation, and security camera installation for complete video surveillance.

The actions happening in daily routine are kept in records that can be discarded after viewing once, where as they help to find the issue in case of any uncertainty. The system is managed by the teams hired by the organization. With the help of this compatible and reliable system less man power is needed.  The automated gates, security doors, alarm systems and CCTV system can all be connected to the organizations network. The closed circuits are placed in a proper manner that not only works perfectly however provides complete approach to remote monitoring and system support. The security systems can be designed for any kind of business.

Advanced Systems Limited can survey the performance and criteria of an existing system. In case of any discrepancies in the existing system, it can be updated, repaired or replaced. The systems can be programmed to notify the organizations qualified personnel whenever any strange activity is performed. This provides the security and protection every organization needs. The product line includes locksmithing, gate operators, security cameras, alarm systems, access control, banking equipment and all the articles required for the proper maintenance and protection of a domestic or commercial place. Our services range from consultancy, purchasing the equipment, installation, controls  and maintenance is provided by the company. All the services are provided according to the client’s demand and requirement; system is also designed according to the choice and can be customized as per the demand.

  • Security design, continuous maintenance, and support

Advanced Systems Limited provides free security evaluations for all potential customers. We will discuss all areas of potential coverage you may need and design a custom security system that will meet your needs. The most important part of a security system is maintaining the system. Advanced Systems Limited offers professional and prompt service when needed on any security system.

  • Ongoing consultation

Advanced Systems Limited works collaboratively with our customers. Advanced Systems Limited analyzes the strengths and needs of our customers security systems. Advanced Systems Limited keeps our customers up to date with today’s ongoing advancements and technologies in the security world.

  • Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems allows you to control doors and gates operators at one location or many locations. This reduces the need to hand out key’s that could be lost or stolen. Access Control also allows you to control the time and day a person can enter the premises.

  • CCTV Systems

Video systems (CCTV) has become very popular, affordable and widely used in businesses and homes all across the world. Advanced Systems Limited offers systems for large and small businesses, financial institutions, jails, schools and home owners. Advanced Systems Limited offers cameras, DVR’s, NVR’s and VMS systems from the leading manufactures in the security industry.

  • Alarm Systems

Advanced Systems Limited offers alarm systems for all types of businesses and homes. From standard alarm systems to alarm systems with home automation, you can count on the system you need.

  • Banking equipment Sales, Service and Installation

Advanced Systems Limited is one of a few security companies that caters to banks and credit unions. For over 10 years Advanced Systems Limited has provided turn key projects for the financial industry. We provide sales, installation and on going service on products such as ATM’s, Drive-Up systems, Safes, Under-counter Steel, CCTV, Access Control, Security Vestibules and much more. Our staff will assist you with any project discreetly and professionally.

  • Remote Monitoring and Support

Advanced Systems Limited offers In-State UL monitoring at rates you can respect. In-State monitoring also allows faster response times to our customers.

  • Gate Operators Systems

Gate operators are used for convenience and protection. The installation of the gate operator system varies from place to place. These can be installed in parking lots, airports and private entry ways.


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